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Cotswold Copper Triple Heart

Cotswold Copper Triple Heart

Oak Burr Clock

Oak Burr Clock

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Cotswold Copper Open Heart

Cotswold Copper Open Heart




Welcome to Cotswold HandCrafted where we curate unique beautiful handcrafted products to decorate your homes.


Launched by Chris Hands, a Plumbing and Heating Engineer by trade, is excited to share his hand-picked decorative products crafted by gifted trade and craftspeople.

Our current featured product is the beautiful Cotswold Copper Heart, a long standing, much loved piece that has recently had new meaning brought to it. Putting these up on your house, in your garden or even in the window of your flat/apartment, will share a message of hope to others during the COVID-19 crisis. Send one to a family member or friend in another part of the country with a personalised message. As someone said, "it's like posting a big hug!" A donation from every sale of the hearts through CotswoldHandCrafted will be given to The Shakespeare Hospice, a charity close to my heart, who continue to support the mental & physical health of patients suffering from cancer in isolation, their families and individuals working on the frontline during this challenging time.  Do take a look at this amazing charity and if you are able, please consider donating directly to them.

A big Thank-you to Sam Booker for some of the Copper Heart photos now showing on the website. Sam is still studying at school but has a passion about photography. Keep an eye out for postings as we hope Sam will soon be making his work available to buy here on CHC. 

I am pleased to share our beautiful unique wooden clock collection, again, designed and crafted by hand.

If you are a local craftsperson who would like to feature products with Cotswold HandCrafted then please get in touch, we’re keen to expand our quality product lines.

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