Frequently Asked Questions


Are scholarships available?

Click to learn about NTI scholarships and financial aid best practices here. NTI offers need-based scholarships to qualified students. Details about the available scholarships are listed above. To be considered for scholarship, students must complete a scholarship application as part of their additional materials for admission. See the sample NTI Scholarship Application for an idea of what information you'll be asked to provide. Students must provide all necessary documentation to qualify. Scholarships may not be applied to the program deposit. Students with specific financial aid questions are encouraged to contact Amanda Ritchie at or 860-443-5378 x224. Looking to support a student scholarship? Donate here or contact the Development Office.

What if I am currently receiving financial aid at my school?

If you are currently enrolled (including being on a summer break) at another college while attending NTI, you should contact that school's financial aid office and inquire about their policies for financial aid consortium agreements. A financial aid consortium agreement may allow you to use financial aid that is being applied toward your bill at your home college to attend NTI. Please contact Program Administrator Amanda Ritchie at or 860-443-5478 x 224 with questions.

I am completing FAFSA. What is the NTI's school code?

As a semester-long program, NTI is not a Title IV school, and does not have a school code to include on the FAFSA. Students are encouraged to use thier existing school code and work with their financial aid, off-campus studies, or study abroad office. Connecticut College’s code should not be used.

What are the estimated additional expenses for each program?

The numbers below are a quick look at additional expenses for the average student attending a semester with NTI. In cases of financial hardship, NTI is able to help defray the cost of books and supplies. Please contact with questions. NTI, NTI-AD, NTI-AP, NMTI
Travel to/from CT
Books and Supplies ~$400
Personal Expenses ~$800 (approximate for laundry, sundries, and souvenirs).
Refundable Room and Key Deposit $125
Travel to CT in September
Travel from NYC airport in December
Visa Fee ~$400
HIV Test ~$200 (if not covered by insurance)
Books and Supplies ~$400
Personal Expenses ~$800 (approximate for laundry, transportation, sundries, and souvenirs).
Meals ~$1,300-$2,200 (options include school cafeteria, restaurants, and dorm kitchen)
Theatermakers Summer Intensive
Travel to/from CT
Books and Supplies~$300
Personal Expenses ~$400 (approximate for laundry, sundries, and souvenirs).
Refundable Room and Key Deposit $125

What is NTI's Withdrawal/Refund Policy?

All notifications of withdrawal must be made in writing, and recieved on a business day. For withdrawal notifications made 90 days prior to the start of the semester: 50% of tuition and 100% of room & board is refunded. Program deposit and costs incurred on student's behalf is retained by NTI. On or between 90-60 days prior to the start of the semester, 50% of of room & board is refunded. Program deposit, costs incurred on student's behalf, and tuition is retained by NTI. 60 days prior to the start of the semester, no refunds will be made. Note: Students may elect to defer to a later semester, a deferral fee of $5,000 may apply. Please email if you are considering withdrawing or deferring.

Does NTI provide health insurance?

No. All students entering the program are required to carry their own health insurance or be covered under their parents' plan while studying with NTI. Proof of coverage is to be submitted along with your student forms upon admittance to any of NTI’s programs.