The Copper Heart

It’s not entirely clear when or who first invented the copper heart. They have been around for some time and are readily available from various locations on the high street and through the internet.


Having said that, new meaning has recently been brought to the Copper Heart. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic its popularity has grown very quickly. A number of plumbers on furlough and unable to work have started to make hearts of different shapes and sizes to sell and there seems to be a good demand.


CotswoldHandCrafted have a number of designs available in the shop. The hearts are all hand made and some even involve 2 craftspeople, one involved in copper and the other in wood. The Cotswold Copper Open Heart designed by Cristina & Renée has a beautifully crafted hardwood heart base to sit in made by another one of our craftspeople.

A beautiful piece that communicates a simple message of love to the recipient. As someone once said, "it’s a bit like sending a big hug.” Some of these have already found their way out to Australia, America and into Europe. 

If you have anyone close to you that is currently locked down and you’re unable to see them, consider sending them a Copper Heart to bless them and show them some love. Choose from the wide variety available in the shop handcrafted by all the featured heart creators and make someone smile today. Keep an eye on the collection, as we are sure it will grow. 


It’s a win-win, they will feel so loved and our designated charity “The Shakespeare Hospice” will get a donation from the sale.